Which Plane Has My Iphone 5!

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The lengths that people will go to hunt down and snag the  soon to be ubiquitous iphone5 : .

I walked past a small queue of around ten people outside and into the local Apple Store and asked a simple question, “Do you have the Iphone 5 instock?”

“Yes we do!” came the reply. The phone had been out a few days now so the furore had died down and we could shop for it normally.

“Great, I’ll take one” I said, thinking – that was pretty straightforward.

“You have to go outside and join the Iphone Queue and the person managing the Iphone Queue will be with you shortly”

“Oh’ I thought.

“Where is the MacBook Pro Queue?”

“We don’t have one”

“Do you have them in stock, if so can I speak to the person managing them”

“I can help you with that”

“But not with the Iphone?”

“No, sorry”

“Do you have more Iphones in stock than MacBook Pros?”

“Look I can see where you’re heading with this but we have to have a queue for the Iphone5, if you want a phone it won’t be long to wait”

“Essentially you want me to form an illusion of demand outside your store because there are ten people there that could be served very quickly if they wanted any other product other than an Iphone”

He smiled politely. I left.

Thus there were people who would suffer this for an iphone5, who would volunteer to becoming a crowd for Apple to help them increase their hype. I decided to look deeper.

I’ll be honest I have an Iphone, it is two years old and I promised myself an upgrade at the sweet-point. That is where I could still get a good price for my old one. I ordered online so my interaction in the store was really just for my own entertainment.

The online order system told me there would be a 3 week or more wait from original release date. Then I got an email telling me it had shipped, complete with tracking number. This made me think. If they pre-sold 2million of these things then it would warrant a dedicated UPS plane, as a guess. A bit more searching and I discovered that UPS fly their huge cargo planes into Zeng Zhou, where the Iphone5 is made. This led me to the hardcore Apple fanatics who actually post and track flights to try and work out which plane their iphone is on. It beggars belief so I thought I would post the interaction for you..

Where’s My Iphone!

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