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Tom Watson

December 6, 2015   ·   0 Comments

Just to be clear this “attacking” of”Blairite” MP’s is tosh – if it is happening, it’s not Labour Members doing it – as has been clearly stated by MPs such as Lisa Nandy. This is part of a continuing campaign to smear Corbyn and his supporters. If you heard the rubbish spouted by the media about Stella Creasy, I suggest you read Tom Watson somewhat grudging apology for stirring crap up that wasn’t there. If there is a “Civil War” in Labour , as a significant amount of the media love to whip up. It is a conniving, Machiavellian and distorted fallacy conjured up by those that have lost their Shadow Cabinet seats or any hope of a political future under the current leadership. There are people in the party that I have admired and respected in the party behaving in ways that have left me wide-eyed. Corbyn – manipulated by Watson, gave a free vote on Syria only for the likes – amongst others – of Alan Johnson to seize this opportunity to spout crap. This will be Corbyn’s undoing, that he is a decent man who won’t sink to these levels and ultimately is not as power crazed or self-important as those, inside and outside the party, who consistently conspire against him.


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