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The Awakening and My Ratings System

August 28, 2012   ·   0 Comments

This is a beautifully shot movie that sits alongside more traditional “Horror” Fayre like, The Others and Woman In Black. That is far from being a slasher. Rebecca Hall is, as always absolute stunning but also has the ability to play these types of roles to perfection. I wouldn’t say it is a great movie and won’t force you to see it at the cinema as it’s been on DVD a while now. But if you like beautifully shot traditional scares with a twist, then this works. Remove Rebecca Hall, The gorgeous locations and the cinematography and it would be entirely misable. These elevate the interest and make it enjoyable . 7/10 (just)

My ratings system

10/10 – Nothing Ever gets this. Maybe One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. The movie has to be flawless in every-way. No Fault can be picked.

Monty Python’s life of Brian fails this because of the Spaceship scene.

9/10 – I defy anyone to not enjoy this movie. You are missing a treat to if you do not see this. Cynics could pick a tiny irrelevant fault. For example the Spaceship scene in Life of Brian

8/10 – An extremely good movie that you should go and see in the cinema if you can.

7/10  – Ditto – but it can wait for DVD, maybe because the Cinema doesn’t enhance anything or because , well, it can wait.

6/10 – Watchable whilst playing on your laptop. Has some good moments. Life won’t end if you miss it

5/10 – You will only enjoy this movie if you LOVE movies in that genre, otherwise -forget it.

4/10 – So Bad it’s good? no just goddamn awful in every way

3/10 – No we are entering so bad it’s good? Nope even more awful than awful.

2/10 – yes so bad it could be good only the first ten minutes need to be watched to realise how bad this film is


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