Quebec – The Bastion of Socialism – I think not..

September 5, 2012   ·   1 Comments

So a small and consistent minority of Quebecers’ want a more socialist government and thus is how we ended up with the PQ in power. After a summer of stroppy students wanting to not have to pay the cheapest tuition they’re ever likely to see.

Quebec sells itself, work to live, cheap daycare. But it is a full on myth. This province taxes highly yet provides little. You can’t get a Doctor, the state school system is abysmal with one of the highest percentages of high school dropouts anywhere. Infrastructure is crumbling, literally on top of people but so long as there is cheap daycare and the language police, then it is a socialist utopia. This is a con, a big con. The money this province rakes in from its resources and it’s taxes it should be better than Sweden, yet we all know where the money goes and where it has been. Corruption, collusion and ridiculous circumstances where a Hydro techy earns 100K a year yet a call center worker can’t get $10 an hour, or you work nights in a  bar all week just to cover your rent. This is not a government of the people it is more like the historic states of eastern Europe. Of the state and for the state. If you are not part of the 26 or whatever per cent that have a government job you’re not part of the gravy train and you are a struggling outcast who are there to provide the ridiculous pensions and payrolls to the state machine. And if you are lucky enough to have a government job then you are really stuck in tedium for the rest of your life because no one wants to make it better or more efficient while there are more taxes that can be devised to keep the “socialist” pigs in the trough.

So good luck to the PQ government, but don’t  think you are of the people or for the people when the percent that voted for you are pretty much akin to the percent who benefit from a government job.


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  1. But of course that was during the dark years of Reaganomics and Trickle Down. Oooohhh! Just thinking of that decade gives socialists and weak-kneed liberals the vapors.

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