Why The Peasants’ Revolt?


Why The Peasants Revolt? not why do they but why is that a choice of theme for this blog?

In these trying, modern times, people just muddle through and decide that things will generally work out for the best. In the last thirty years we have seen more and more people squeezed in every way for the benefit of an elite and ever decreasing few. Not only that but this elite few are carving up the future for themselves with less and less opportunity for the younger generations to share any of this.

What changed since 1381.

Wat Tyler led a group of what could be described in modern times as anybody who was not part of the 1%. This revolt against taxation and exploitation of the masses for the benefit of the few led to a revolt that saw – at some guesses – a 100,000 people come up alongside the Thames Estuary to protest against taxation laws, the feudal system and serfdom. In today’s terms, relative to the population of the UK and London – it would be equivalent to around 7 million people.

To think, all that without Facebook or Twitter to mobilise people. So why is it surprising that in 2012 we tolerate the same things happening to the 99% of the country that ignorant peasants did not tolerate 600 years ago?

Why have we become so passive. When did we roll over.

I hope to use this blog to explore the modern arguments of such themes associated with inequality, political control, freedom and rights. And to do it within the spirit of Wat Tyler.

What I want to encourage is the fundamental principle that the governments of the world are there to benefit all the people and not just the few at the cost of the suffering of the many.